30-60 minutes depending on the number of threads required


5-7 days estimated


Lifting effect visible immediately; rejuvenating effect gradually becomes visible over time


Up to 18 months


Bruising, soreness, allergic reactions



If you’ve hit 40s and are looking for ways to delay the aging process and regain your youthful look, there’s no need to go through plastic surgery just yet. There are several nonsurgical face lifting procedures that we can offer you that will help restore your facial contour and reduce the visible effects of age and gravity on your neck and face. PDO Thread Lift, a highly effective and safe solution to mature skin. This revolutionary non-surgical face lifting treatment will give you a smoother, beautifully contoured face without the risks associated with traditional facelift surgery. It will also lift skin around your brows and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in your neck and décolletage.

PDO Thread Lift involves the insertion of a blunt-tip cannula with a very fine absorbable polydioxanone threads into the skin or the subcutaneous fat of the specific areas to be treated. The use of a blunt-tip cannula provides lower risks of bruising and swelling, as it does not damage any blood vessels during the procedure.
The tension in the PDO threads will provide a lifting effect by pulling the skin together. The effect will be tightening of sagging skin, especially in the brows, jawline, neck, and décolleté.

Once the suture threads are introduced into the skin, it triggers the human skin’s natural self-healing abilities. You will be surprised at your skin’s ability to naturally heal itself. What happens is that your skin will gently react to the PDO threads and an inflammatory reaction is induced, resulting in collagen formation around each thread inserted into the skin.

The healing process strengthens the skin and is further enhanced by the increase in blood flow to the dermis. When the threads dissolve in the months following the procedure, the bundles of collagen that were formed will keep the skin tight, supple, and rejuvenated.

Another major feature of this scientifically and clinically proven facelift without surgery, which can take as little as an hour, is that it produces immediate lifting effects in the treated areas without unnecessary risks or scarring.

After the procedure, you will see a natural and immediate lift. However, the desired results will be most visible a few weeks after the procedure as more collagen bundles form around the PDO threads resulting in a more lifted and rejuvenated look.

You can expect an overall improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance because the procedure is effective at diminishing fine lines and wrinkles as it lifts saggy or droopy skin; the desired results can last up to 24 months.

For optimum results, it can be combined with other anti-aging treatments such Botox, and fillers that are also proven effective and safe for lifting and rejuvenating aging and mature skin.